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The art industry and museum landscape are constantly changing. Undeniably, there is a big gap between the art theory taught in universities and the practice of the new commercialized, digitalized and globalized art world. Cultural institutions need to adapt to a new and informed generation of visitors and students to survive and strive, to collect, protect, preserve, research and fulfill their educational responsibility to the public while also supporting young emerging artists.

I am here to help bring people together, to close the gap between passionate individuals and big art and education institutions, to mediate between cultures, translate, organize, motivate and inspire.

Have a look at my projects and feel free to contact me with any ideas!

Art Collective |Open Draw Website | Open Draw Facebook Page

I am an active member of the Open Draw Art Collective, which is a group of young professionals offering an open, creative, inspiring art session and co-working meeting twice a month, as well as several art workshops and projects.

We are regularly meeting twice a month, on mondays from 6 to 10 pm, in  Offenes Wohnzimmer Wilde 13  Waldenserstraße 13, 10551 Moabit, Berlin. Suggested donation for materials and rent for each session: 5€

If you are interested in attending a workshop, be part of a project or just doodle around and get inspired at one of our creative get-togethers, shoot me an e-mail to corinna.egdorf [at]

The Open Draw Art Collective was founded by students of the Institut für Kulturwissenschaft of the Humboldt-University of Berlin in 2014.  As students of theoretical, cultural history and philosophy we saw the need for more colors and practical approaches. Next to giving creative minds and spirits a time and space to try out new and old art techniques, we also offer workshops led by experts. Our workshops include – but aren’t limited to – creative writing, jewellery design, papier maché decoration, hands-on canvas creations, photography/cyanotype, marbled milk paper, dream catchers, upcycling projects, body painting, performances… We also do themed festival decorations and parade floats.

Overview Projects & Fellowships (Arts & Museums)

  • 2020 Body Paint & Body Positivity 
  • 2020 Carnival Masks Workshop
  • 2019 Halloween Makeup Workshop 
  • 2019 Body Art & Bondage Photoshoot | Bondage Artist Mark Scherer | Photographer Damian D. Martinez Dreyer
  • 2019 Body Art Workshop | Photographer Damian D. Martinez Dreyer
  • 2019 Fashion Photoshoot for the Label Vic&Lily | Photographer Clara Hugueney | Fashion Makeup
  • 2018 Exhibition | Collaboration with photographer Guillaume Prugniel|Makeup Artistry
  • 2018 Interview with the Swiss Magazine Annabelle about Human Remains Jewellery | Interview Human Remains Jewellery | Facebook Human Ivory| upload full interview
  • 2017 Bass Connections Project | Questionnaire among artists and gallerists within the and Arts & Markets Seminar with Professor Hans Miegroet |Bass Connections Project
  • 2017 Keynote on “The Tattooing Motif of the ‘South Seas Belle’: An iconological and cultural-technical interpretation of the tattoo imagery of Christian Warlich (1890-1964)” at the Grassi-Museum Leipzig, Germany | Facebook Event Grassi Museum | Newspaper Article Grassi Museum | Keynote Prezi Keynote Prezi
  • 2017 Transculturality in the Museum | Publication | Henry Arnhold Summer School | Transkulturalität im ethnologischen Museum
  • 2016 Student Intervention Project “Meeting Carl Andre” | Contemporary Art Museum Hamburger Bahnhof, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin | Berlin | Link Staatliche Museen Berlin Carl Andre |

    Hamburger Bahnhof “Meeting Carl Andre”, 2016
  • 2016 Assistant at the Bauhaus Archiv Berlin | Fashion Week Berlin
  • 2015 Henry Arnhold Summer School | Technical University Dresden & Deutsches Hygiene Museum & Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr & Saxon State and University Library & Dresden State Art Collections | Dresden, Germany | Dresden Summer School 2015
  • 2015 Kulturwelle |Radio Moderation & Editing | Academic History of the Kulturwissenschaft | Kulturwelle
  • 2013 – 2014 International Summer School “Rock Art Tour” | University of Applied Sciences Berlin & Polytechnic of Namibia & Origins Centre Johannesburg  |  Cooperation of computer scientists, artists and curators to create a multimedial museum application on the connection between cave paintings and street art | Museum Outreach Project |Windhoek, Namibia
  • 2014 International Summer School “Digital Museum” | University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Witwatersrand University Johannesburg | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 2014 Glamour Interview | Crowdfunding, Fair Trade, Urban Nomades | Felt and Leather Jewellery and Cases | Interview Glamour Project Kancha
Interview Glamour 2014
  • 2014 Curation of the Exhibition “Jewellery. Skin. Fashion.Material and Myth.” | Pergamon Palais, Berlin | Exhibition Catalogue |Interview Exhibition Opening CouchFM
  • 2013 – 2014 “Research & Collections” Program | Leibniz Association | Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin Museum of Natural History | Berlin
  • 2013 International Conference “Looking through the Occult: Instrumentation, Esotericism, and Epistemology in the 19th century” | Network Social Innovation through “Nonhegemonic” Knowledge Production | German Research Foundation DFG | Publication: Geoghegan, B. D. (2016). Mind the Gap: Spiritualism and the Infrastructural Uncanny. CRITICAL INQUIRY, 42(4), 899-922. [mentioned my help on p. 899].
  • 2012 Goethe-Institut ChopShots Film Festival | Tasks: Editing, Fringe Events, Jury Hospitality|Goethe Chop Shots Festival (Video featured 4:03 min) | Festival Catalogue
  • 2012 The Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project | Co-curation of the photographic exhibition | Photographic Exhibition
  • 2012 International “Kosmos Summer University – Mobility” | Excellency Program of the Humboldt University of Berlin, Universidad de Buenos Aires
  • 2012 Interview with | Fashion and Image | The myth of the brand Nivea and the pop icon Rihanna | Leipzig & Berlin | Interview
  • 2011 Artistic coworking project “Mobility of Objects” | Art School Weißensee, Humboldt University of Berlin | Berlin
  • 2010 – 2011 Symposium “Deconstructing Alice and Deleuze.“ | Bonn, Germany
  • 2010 Exhibition fellowship at the “3-Foot-Square-Gallery” | College of Fine Arts | Paddington, Sydney
  • 2009 – 2010 200th Anniversary Grant of the Humboldt-University | Literature Festival “Daneben” | Studentenwerk Berlin | Berlin
  • 2007 Newspaper Article | Nordwest Zeitung | Newspaper Article
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