Lerne Deutsch mit mir!

Feel free to contact me via e-mail (corinna.egdorf[at]gmail.com) for private lessons (in person in Berlin or online) or group study meetings to improve your language skills.

While working as a German teacher at Duke University in the USA in 2016, I discovered my passion for teaching. I am really interested in conveying more than just grammar and make you feel comfortable talking in any context in a foreign language, as well as getting to know the beauty of poetics and etymology. I am a native German speaker with a Master’s degree in German Studies.

I teach German as a second language, and I also offer classes in Spanish and English.

I can help you with acing an upcoming required language test or an academic application, with improving your business communication, with your understanding of  lyrics and slang and any translations.

Teaching Material
    • 2010 – 2016          Humboldt University at Berlin
    • 2016 – 2018          Duke University & University of New South Wales at Chapel                                  Hill in the USA
    • 2018 – present    German Language School in Berlin GLS
    • 2019 – present    German Courses and Summer School at Humboldt-Institut


Berlin Tour Guide

Having a background in languages, literature, philosophy, cultural history and theory, I also offer historic themed tours for visitors in Berlin in combination with language classes (in German, English or Spanish). I am in love with this city and love to show you around or simply help you planning your trip to Berlin. For photographic impressions of my view on Berlin from the bicycle, follow me @berlin.flaneuse on Instagram.



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